Mixing (pun intended) business and friendship (part 2)



An inside look at the past, present, and future of Exclusive Events

Part 2: The present (including an important announcement)

So, I left off last time talking about an important announcement. In theory, I could type out the entire second part of this blog attempting to bring everyone along for an exciting ride like they do on a lot of TV shows as they lead up to the climactic big announcement... Read more »

Mixing (pun intended) business and friendship (part 1)



An inside look at the past, present, and future of Exclusive Events

Part 1: Our past

While I will try to tell you this in short story form, the “once upon a time” approach will definitely not be required. Instead, in a 3-part blog, I will give you an insider’s look at our past, an unedited perspective on the present, and a hopeful look at the future of Exclusive Events. Please... Read more »


ANNONCE IMPORTANTE : Après de nombreuses années passées à tout gérer par nous-mêmes dans le but de garder le contrôle sur nos affaires et de nous bâtir une réputation enviable, EXCLUSIVE EVENTS embauche enfin! Nous recherchons de jeunes D.J. et animateurs professionnels et motivés afin de nous seconder dans les multiples demandes de services que nous recevons. Éventuellement (au début de 2015), nous aurons également besoin d’une adjointe administrative à temps plein. Si vous ou... Read more »


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: After many years of handling everything on our own in order to keep things under control and help build a reputable brand, EXCLUSIVE EVENTS is finally hiring! We are looking for young and motivated professional DJs and MCs to help with the demand for our services. Eventually (early 2015), we’ll also need a full-time administrative assistant. If you are or know someone talented who would be interested, please email us at info@exclusive-events.ca.

Expo Cocktail-Découverte

EXCLUSIVE EVENTS is very quickly filling up its holiday party calendar! If you need an entertainment company for your corporate event, please request a quote today! On September 15th, we will be featured at the corporate “Expo Cocktail-Découverte”. Following this event, we will likely not have any more dates available for November and December. So, call or email now to reserve!


Exclusive Events: Job vs Passion

We’ve spent the better part of this year reinventing ourselves in order to ensure that our business never becomes “just a job” for us. We always remind ourselves that we started this business as friends, and we did it because we enjoyed it. This year in particular, as we slowly moved away from doing this as a part-time gig and started focusing on making it a full-time career, we... Read more »